Vietnam 3 Days 2 Nights Pack A


Hanoi-Sapa-Hanoi For a trip to North Vietnam, Hanoi, Sapa, Hanoi, 3 days 2 nights, experience the city in the mist in the middle of the Fansipan Valley. Check-in to highlight attractions

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Day 1. Bangkok-Hanoi Airport-Sapa-Void Dragon Bridge-Sapa Night Market-Sapa Stone Church

Day 2. Take a train to see Sapa-Take the Faxipan cable car-Take the tram up the hill and experience the city in the misty mountains of Fansipan-Dinner buffet fansipan-Cat Cat village-Check in at Moana coffee-Eat Salmon hot pot dinner

Day 3.Sapa-Hanoi-Hanoi Old Church-Strolling 36 Streets-Ngoc Son Temple-The Sea of Swords-Go shopping at 36 Streets-Da Nang Airport-Bangkok

Pax         Bath/Pax    Single Room
10-15        14,450          2,539
16-19        13,450
20-24        13,000
25-29        12,450
30-34        12,150
35-39        11,800
40-45        11,750

total price

* 1 room / 2 persons

* 6 main meals, 3 breakfast meals (bread on the bus, last day's lunch) (seafood hot pot *1 lobster per person) Thai guide

* Shuttle bus according to the list (35-45 seats)

*Tickets for attractions According to the list arranged in the program

*Hue dragon boats, basket boats

*Ziccro (Tricycle Spinner)

*car insurance

* Drinking water on the car 1 bottle per person / day

price not included

*Personal expenses

Cost of drinks at restaurants

*Tips for the guide and driver Fit 150/Baht/Pax (6-14 Pax) Fit 100 Baht/Pax (15 Pax ++)

*This price does not include 7% VAT.

*** Price does not include airfare ***


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